Can’t Speak…!

There’s no guarantee you can speak english frequently! even you already reading a novel, manga or document in english version everyday!
hm… its only my opinion after have lunch with mr. Chris Holmes -i dont know for sure if he have connection with Sherlock Holmes..wkwkwk- the president of OpenGeo, yesterday.
Not even one words spill out from my mouth! How embrassing….

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2 responses to “Can’t Speak…!”

  1. Fathoni says :

    Lho… sudah jelas khan?That just natural.Baca manga khan "baca", bukan "bicara". Tentu saja, yg biasa baca manga/manual bahasa Inggris pastinya bagus reading-nya.Klo mau lbh bagus speaking-nya, yg serius ngedengerin musik Inggris.. nah mereka tu yg pantes dinominasikan.Juga yg biasa nonton film tanpa sub title (apalagi sub bahasa indon haha).Tentunya nonton dan ngerti; bukan nonton tapi gak ngerti dg dalih: aku cuman nikmati lihat actionnya aja koq.. *LOL*

  2. blame says :

    hahaha iya dah…

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